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My Mission:  

The Lifegiver Marriage Podcast is a place for honest conversation and hope for your military or first responder marriage and home.

My Vision:

Lifegiver aims to be a positive place where military (and first responder) couples can experience positive clinical advice on topics that are unique to their culture as well as high quality uplifting interviews from others who have brought purpose out of their circumstances.

 Where do I listen? 

Lifegiver is currently available on the Lifegiver App,  iTunesStitcher, & Right here on the website!

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All time App Impressions: 2,267

Partnering with Lifegiver: 

Current Partner is any organization, business, or non-profit that is interested in promoting the LMS Podcast in their own marketing strategies in order to reach a greater audience of military families.  If your mission statement or vision includes strengthening military marriages and families, consider how we could partner together.  At this time, I am not offering sponsorship (paid for time during the podcast to promote your organization or product).  I am happy to discuss how I can discuss what your business/organization is doing for military families in the podcast, through an interview with you, or a military spouse who benefited from your services.  I reserve the right to protect my audience.  However, my vision for LMS Podcast includes connecting families to organizations that are doing awesome things.  Consider what we can do together.

 To find out more about partnering and sponsorship, Click Here: Partnering with Lifegiver

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Winning the 2015 AFI Military Spouse of the Year taught me that there is a LOT of power in a "thank you".  Military spouses do what they do because they love their service member and rarely do it for recognition. But hearing someone say thank you can make a huge difference in someone's life.  It encourages you to keep giving even when you think you have nothing left.  It reminds you of the hope that is found in human kindness and that you did something that breathed life into another soul.  I know I have endless people to thank, beginning with you!  That is why the Lifegiver Military Spouse Podcast provides a way and a place to say thank you during the opening of each episode- and its easy to do!  Here are a couple of options to help you...

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